About Traveling Piggy

Vik, Iceland

Traveling Piggy at Vik, Iceland

Why Traveling Piggy?

Traveling Piggy was created to share the joy of traveling with the world. In planning my travels, I have always relied on blogs and forum threads to learn the in’s and out’s of traveling in specific countries. I really enjoyed exploring the local scenes and finding the hidden gems recommended by others. Now with visits to 40+ countries and 6 continents, I would like to share my travel knowledge with fellow world travelers out there. If you are curious, here is a list of places I have visited.

Why “Piggy”? “Piggy” was a name I’ve had growing up in my family…and it stuck!

When I am not traveling, you can find me exploring the local scene in San Francisco, where I live.

Traveling Piggy in San Francisco, CA

Traveling Piggy in San Francisco, CA